About Lekobeba

Baby care

The products from the Lekobeba line are intended for home and professional use alike. They should be stored at room temperature, protected from humidity, direct sunlight and heat and out of reach of children. The Lekobeba family of products is primarily intended for baby and child care, but adults and the elderly will also enjoy some of the products. They are products that we at Lekos have been developing and improving all the time with our know-how, many years of experience and keen ear for the customers’ wishes.


The ingredients are controlled by the authorised laboratories of our suppliers and comply with all standards of good practices in the cosmetics, the pharmaceuticals and the food and drugs industries. To achieve high microbiological quality and hypoallergenic properties in cosmetic products, we use purified pharmaceutical water. Pursuant to legislation on children’s cosmetics, the concentration of potential allergens in any cosmetic product in the Lekobeba line does not exceed 0.001%.


Lekobeba products are based on simple composition and contain high proportion of active natural ingredients. Cosmetic products mostly contain herbal extracts, oils, fats and waxes. To the maximum extent possible, we use ingredients produced locally or in neighbouring countries.