Colic drops

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70 g

For smiling tummy

A dietary supplement with sucrose, lactose and anise, cumin, fennel and pepper mint essential oils for your youngest ones. Suitable for use by all age groups, from the first week of age or from 3 kg of weight onwards. Cumin and fennel help relieve flatulence and stomach cramps and promote digestion. Fennel promotes appetite and defecation and supports intestinal health. Cumin relieves the feeling of flatulence and promotes secretion of digestive fluids.

For adults

At each meal.


Sucrose, lactose, anise essential oil, cumin essential oil, fennel essential oil, peppermint essential oil.



A dietary supplement containing sucrose, lactose and essential oils of anise, cumin, fennel and peppermint for your children. Suitable for use in all age groups, from the end of the first week of age or 3 kg body weight reached, respectively. Cumin and fennel help with flatulence and abdominal cramps, and stimulate digestion. Fennel stimulates the appetite and secretion of excrement, while supporting gut health. Cumin eases the feeling of flatulency, and stimulates secretion of digestive juices.

The product contains

Average dose 5 drops
Lactose 3 mg
Anise, essential oil 0,045 mg
Cumin, essential oil 0,045 mg
Fennel, essential oil 0,045 mg
Peppermint, essential oil 0,045 mg

The product contains no gluten, alcohol, preservatives and pigments.


Common syrup 97.88 %, lactose 2 %, anise essential oil 0.03 %, cumin essential oil 0.03 %, fennel essential oil 0.03 %, peppermint essential oil 0.03 %

Recommended daily intake

Newborns and infants: 5 to 10 drops with each meal (max. 50 a day)
Children up to 20 kg: 10 drops up to three times a day
Children from 20 to 40 kg: 30 drops up to three times a day
Children from 40 to 60 kg: 50 drops up to three times a day
Adults from 40 to 60 kg: 50 drops up to three times a day
Adults over 60 kg: 100 drops up to three times a day


Recommended dietary supplement daily intake or dose should not be exceeded. In case any signs of sensitivity to essential oils occur, stop using the product. Dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The product contains lactose (milk sugar), therefore it is not recommended for people with lactose intolerance. Shake before use. After use shut tightly. Store in a dark place at room temperature, and protected against moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

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